I’ve been a wedding videographer since 2001.
I shoot and edit every video myself.
The shooting style is low profile and unobtrusive.
My approach to editing is a mix of journalistic, documentary and cinematic techniques.

Prices, references and a sample DVD or Blu-Ray are available on request.

Phone: 201-236 1109 
email:  taylor@tpvideo.com          


Dear Taylor,
We are so happy that we hired you and Melissa to film our wedding. When we started looking for videographers two years ago, we kept on coming back to you. We were so impressed with your samples and would imagine ourselves in your videos. The other videographers out there came nowhere close. But we have to tell you, our only fear was that we put such extremely high expectations on you. We liked your work so much, and expected our video to be perfect. And you blew away our expectations! We were literally speechless when the
Highlights  section finished after we watched our video for the first time. Both of our jaws had dropped!
The Professionalism that you exhibited throughout this process was amazing. You truly are good at what you do. We cannot say enough about the video. All of the editing that you put in, coordinating everything with the music. It’s absolutely beautiful. It is something that we will cherish forever. We LOVE showing it off to anyone who cares to see. Even if they don’t care, we show them anyway !  We are so proud to show off your work. Even the detail that you put into the DVD case and disk itself is remarkable.
We would absolutely recommend you to anyone who asks. You truly are a great artist and your vision while filming is remarkable. You know just what will make a great shot and incorporate everything so smoothly into the video.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  We cannot express enough how much we truly appreciate how much you have done !

Melissa and T.J.






Amazing and very well priced. Taylor captures you and your wedding’s beauty and elegance. I barely noticed he and his wife were there. I really didn’t think I would care for my wedding video in general, but I got suckered into getting it by family and friends. It was totally worth it! I’m really touched by the effort Taylor put into the video. The true test is showing it to others- all my friends and family sat through the entire video, enjoyed it, and asked for a copy! If you can afford to get a videographer, don’t look any further than Taylor Phillips (and trust me, I looked at more than 50 in the NJ/PA area).






Taylor was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was the only videographer I met with because I knew he was right for me from our very first meeting. He was so accommodating and reassuring. The day of the wedding, he along with his wife, were so comforting and made me feel so at ease. His work is breathtaking! My video is absolutely phenomenal – I watch it constantly because it is that amazing. The techniques he used in the editing process were nothing I have ever seen before – my video is truly unique!

Jennifer Abt Miceli







We wanted to take a moment to personally thank you and your wife for doing such an amazing job with our wedding video. We are extremely grateful to both of you for bringing to life the wonderful memories we have of our special day.

We were very lucky on our wedding day. The church ceremony was beautiful. It was special for us to be surrounded by our family and friends. ThePleasantdale Chateau was incredible and the Silk Band did a great job performing. I believe we were most fortunate, though, in having you and Melissa there to capture it all for us. You both know exactly what you are doing. You captured every single shot that mattered. You were extremely professional throughout the evening. Often times we didn’t notice you were there. You were even kind enough to stay a little longer to ensure you had caught all of the night’s special moments.

After the wedding, you then took the film and weaved the five to six hours of footage into the absolute perfect 90 minute wedding video. The video is phenomenal! You have such a talent for capturing all of the night’s special moments in a truly exceptional manner. Everyone who has seen our video raves about the outstanding quality and production value.

Thank you again for providing us with such a special video of our wedding day. We hope that we will have the opportunity to utilize your services again in the future. You and Melissa are outstanding professionals who deliver incredible work.

All the best always,

 Jennifer and John Zagata







 I just watched the DVD of Jaime and Dave’s wedding. I feel compelled to write to you to tell you what an outstanding job that you did in creating it. The talent, effort and pride that went into its production was remarkable. It exceeded all expectations in a time when quality is almost a forgotten word. Thanks so much for creating a wonderful lasting memory for the Stone and Santin families.
Sincerely, Shel (Father of the Bride)
We LOVE the DVD and so does everyone else in the family. You did an incredible job with it. The music fits so perfectly and the editing was amazing. I can’t tell you how special it was for us to be able to watch it and experience the day again. It all went so quickly and to be able to see each other say our vows again was just amazing. It must be nice to be in a profession which gives people so much happiness (as lawyers, you can imagine, we rank about the same as dentists). Anyway, thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job and allowing us to relive our wedding day.
 Amanda Dietrick      

 Hi Taylor.

 Last night I got home at 11:40pm, it was one of those nightmarish days at work. Anyway, when I got home there was a package from you. Olu and I decided we would just preview the video and watch it later… we ended up watching the whole thing. We absolutely loved it! I must say I have the best wedding video I have ever seen.Thanks and please thank Melissa and Carl for us.

 Take care, Moji.  





Hi Juli,

I am so happy that you contacted me for a reference. I will tell you the
same thing that I told Taylor after I received my wedding video…I can’t
wait for the next person I know to get married so I can refer them to him.
I almost want to get married again. He really did such a wonderful job for

Pre-wedding: We saw a sample of a video that Taylor had done for another
wedding. We really liked the video and decided to meet with him. When we
met, we clicked right away. During the months prior to the wedding I
called him often with questions and he was always immediately available to
answer my questions and offer suggestions.

Wedding Day: We actually had 3 camerman (Taylor, his wife Melissa, and an
assistant) shooting our wedding. This was spectacular because they were
able to capture every moment that we missed ourselves and thensome. During
the reception, we had a full dance floor at all times and never once did I
even realize that they were there. It was so different from most weddings I
have been to where you constantly feel like there is a spotlight shining on
you. They were so unintrusive but always ready if we had something special
we wanted captured.

Post Wedding: When we were putting together our video Taylor was so helpful
with song suggestions and ideas. More than 50% of the song choices that we
picked for our final video were
Taylor’s recommendations.  And when my
husband and I received our final video and sat down to watch it we were
amazed. We could not believe what a wonderful job he did. He edited the
video with every detail exactly as we wanted it. He put in dance montage
and highlights that were spectacular. We have shown it to all of our
friends and family and they absolutely loved it. I even had recently
married friends express that they were sorry they hadn’t known about him
prior to getting married.

I hope this was helpful information for you. Knowing now what goes into
planning a wedding day it only makes easier to have someone so professional
and knowledgable as one of your vendors. Please feel free to call me if you have
any other questions.
I know how stressful this time can be but believe me you would be making a very good
choice by using Taylor.

All the best,
Caroline DiQuollo





 Hi Taylor-

The video is FANTASIC! I watched it 100 times on Friday night and brought it out to Michigan for Tom’s family to see over the weekend. They all loved it too. They were amazed that one person caught so much and couldn’t get over the editing. My mom is quite jealous that she hasn’t seen it yet. I loved the bridal prep, the highlights and of course Sean ripping his pants!!

Thank you for all of the countless hours you put into making our video. We love it and look forward to watching it many more time over the years.

Best Regards,

Michelle & Tom






Dear Taylor,
We received the video and it IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It way exceeded our expectations and I have watched it (in the last 24 hours) about 5 times already!  I am ecstatic and feel so fortunate to have had an amazing videographer on our wedding day whom I practically forgot was their capturing our wedding!  You didn’t miss A THING!  You were a perfect professional, a great communicator (staying on top of everything and in touch throughout the process), promptly arrived on the wedding day and delivered the promised video on time, truly easy and fun to work with, invisible on our wedding day but a pleasure to have around us when we noticed you, and extremely accommodating to any changes/requests I may have had prior to the wedding and during your production process.   You are worth every penny!!!
I feel so lucky to have such a great momento for John and I to cherish forever!  I could not have asked for a more romantic, fun, professional video!!!  I am just elated and cannot express enough how talented you are and how greatful I am!!! 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Tara and John Brienza