Caroline and Matthew

Hi Juli,

I am so happy that you contacted me for a reference. I will tell you the
same thing that I told Taylor after I received my wedding video…I can’t
wait for the next person I know to get married so I can refer them to him.
I almost want to get married again. He really did such a wonderful job for

Pre-wedding: We saw a sample of a video that Taylor had done for another
wedding. We really liked the video and decided to meet with him. When we
met, we clicked right away. During the months prior to the wedding I
called him often with questions and he was always immediately available to
answer my questions and offer suggestions.

Wedding Day: We actually had 3 camerman (Taylor, his wife Melissa, and an
assistant) shooting our wedding. This was spectacular because they were
able to capture every moment that we missed ourselves and thensome. During
the reception, we had a full dance floor at all times and never once did I
even realize that they were there. It was so different from most weddings I
have been to where you constantly feel like there is a spotlight shining on
you. They were so unintrusive but always ready if we had something special
we wanted captured.

Post Wedding: When we were putting together our video Taylor was so helpful
with song suggestions and ideas. More than 50% of the song choices that we
picked for our final video were Taylor’s recommendations.  And when my
husband and I received our final video and sat down to watch it we were
amazed. We could not believe what a wonderful job he did. He edited the
video with every detail exactly as we wanted it. He put in dance montage
and highlights that were spectacular. We have shown it to all of our
friends and family and they absolutely loved it. I even had recently
married friends express that they were sorry they hadn’t known about him
prior to getting married.

I hope this was helpful information for you. Knowing now what goes into
planning a wedding day it only makes easier to have someone so professional
and knowledgable as one of your vendors. Please feel free to call me if you have
any other questions.
I know how stressful this time can be but believe me you would be making a very good
choice by using Taylor.

All the best,
Caroline DiQuollo

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