Melissa and T.J.

Dear Taylor,
We are so happy that we hired you and Melissa to film our wedding. When we started looking for videographers two years ago, we kept on coming back to you. We were so impressed with your samples and would imagine ourselves in your videos. The other videographers out there came nowhere close. But we have to tell you, our only fear was that we put such extremely high expectations on you. We liked your work so much, and expected our video to be perfect. And you blew away our expectations! We were literally speechless when the Highlights  section finished after we watched our video for the first time. Both of our jaws had dropped!
The Professionalism that you exhibited throughout this process was amazing. You truly are good at what you do. We cannot say enough about the video. All of the editing that you put in, coordinating everything with the music. It’s absolutely beautiful. It is something that we will cherish forever. We LOVE showing it off to anyone who cares to see. Even if they don’t care, we show them anyway !  We are so proud to show off your work. Even the detail that you put into the DVD case and disk itself is remarkable.
We would absolutely recommend you to anyone who asks. You truly are a great artist and your vision while filming is remarkable. You know just what will make a great shot and incorporate everything so smoothly into the video.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  We cannot express enough how much we truly appreciate how much you have done !


Melissa and T.J.

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